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BMW AG(BMW) Short term & Mid term 16.05.2014, 16:21

13:46:39 14.05.2014 от Cvetan Radoslavov


 BMW AG(BMW) Mid term: Targets over 96evro per shares

 14.05.2014, 16:21

 Dow, CANSLIM, TF+6  /Written by Cvetan RADOSLAVOV for Reliable forex signals 


BMW AD(BMW) - 89.50e,

Exchange:Xetra, Industry: Automotive
Country: Germany


Risk Management Plan:

1. SL under 6%(5.40e) from byu(entry).

2. Risk per 5.40e/of shares.

3. Investment to 6% of the deposit / balance in 6 orders(1% per orders from deposit/balance).


Money Management Plan:

1. Buy@89.50e, sl@83.90e, tp@91.40e x(1% - per 5.40e/of shares),

2. Buy@89.50e, sl@83.90e, tp@94.30e x(1% - per 5.40e/of shares),

3. Buy@89.50e, sl@83.90e, tp@96.35e x(1% - per 5.40e/of shares),

4. Buy@89.50e, sl@83.90e, tp@97.30e x(1% - per 5.40e/of shares),

5. Buy@89.50e, sl@83.90e, tp@101.95e x(1% - per 5.40e/of shares),

6. Buy@89.50e, sl@83.90e, tp@ - no x(1% - per 5.40e/of shares),


Recommendation: Аfter reaching the first target move to SL in "0".


Comment:After Excess bought on Daily charts and divergence.



Long term: upward,

Mid term: upward,

Short term: upward.

Period analysis: Short term(1-3weeks) - medium term(1-3monts) and long


Legend: Black: Fibonacci of medium - term trend,

Purple: Fibonacci of of short - trend.

Disclosure & Disclaimer:
The above is for informational purposes only and NOT to be construed as specific trading advice. responsibility for trade decisions is solely with the reader.
Prices are indicative and not appropriate for trading purposes. RFS Trading and Tcvetan Radoslavov doesn `t bear any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using this data. Please be fully informed regarding the risks and costs associated with trading the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest investment forms possible. Analysis is not a recommendation for opening, closing or changing positions. Analysis is purely informative.

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